Feeling so kawaii….

I really need to remember to post on here more often lol..

Having spent last Thursday/Friday attending Kawaiicon I’m awash with cuteness.. But continuous scrubbing in the shower is helping get rid of it. For those of you scratching your head, KiwiCon, NZ’s favourite info sec conference is taking a break, and Kawaiicon is the somewhat cuter replacement.

Highlights for me were Peter Gutmann, Matthew Daley, and Mike Loss.

Peter’s talk on automotive control systems is enough to put me off owning a modern vehicle now or anytime soon until car manufacturers find a suitable way of having reliability and security.

Matthew made everyone in the room who’s employer uses a Gallagher/Cardax access system cringe a little bit at just how many insecure systems are out their in the real world.

Mike’s talk was a highly amusing anecdotal account of his first ever Red Team exercise.